Rethink Telephones

IP Telephony is ideal for any organisation that requires instant and reliable communication. It is highly effective in distributed organisations, or those that operate in more than one site. The system can support hundreds of employees and enable them to collaborate seamlessly.

IP Telephony Birmingham IP Telephony Birmingham
IP Telephony Birmingham IP Telephony Birmingham

IP Telephony Features

As IP Telephony is hosted over the Internet, it has several unique advantages that help drive productivity,
reduce costs, encourage collaboration, or keep your business protected.


Unlimited SIP trunks, with the option to upgrade bandwidth to support additional users


Up to 99.999% uptime as guaranteed by Service Level Agreement


Our infrastructure can easily grow, adapt, extend, and scale with your organisation's requirements


A resilient connection enhances user experience by minimising downtime, delay, packet loss, & jitter

Cost savings

Save money on calls, and do away with expensive hardware, switching and set-up costs


Full IPv4 and IPv6 compliance means you can continue to communicate after ISDN is obsolete

IP Telephony Birmingham


Maintain contact with your sites and customers across the world at a fraction of the usual cost. Stay in touch at home or on the move, and make and receive calls with the same number, exactly as you would from the office.

IP Telephony Birmingham


Add new users and devices instantly so you have the flexibility that if your organisation grows, your phone system can grow with it. IP Telephony is compatiable with a range of devices, so you can make the most out of your IT infrastructure.

IP Telephony Birmingham


Enjoy peace of mind with encryption that ensures the security of the call to protect your business. Stay in contact with built-in resilience that eliminates downtime. Maintain compliance with logging and recording of all calls.

ISDN Telephony will soon be Obsolete

BT have announced plans to switch off the traditional ISDN telephony network, and migrate all users to an IP network by 2025
We advise businesses to start thinking about migration to a IP Telephony based system sooner rather than later.